Hallo and welcome to my personal webpage about the game Rollercoaster Tycoon 3. Here you will find some of the custom content I have made for the game, if you are having trouble installing it, you can find a guide in the tutorial section. All content on this webpage is completly free, my only rule is that you do not redistribute any of the content or hotlink to it. I hope you enjoy your stay.


Laitch's kiddie safari released
Jan. 7th
I have just released my first CTR, the download can be found here

Video: Laitch's kiddie safari, teaset
Dec. 24th
A small teaser for my comming CTR can be found here

Christmas Present: Amphitheater
Dec. 24th
I have just released a structure for download, it's a amphitheater originally made by request from liftsifter for one of his parks. The download can be found here

New CTR comming soon
Dec. 07th
Im currently working on my first CTR and will be able to release it soon. Check the progress here.

Download Redwood Lake Amusement Park
Oct. 08th
I have released Redwood Lake Amusement Park! All install instructions are included in the download.

New video
Aug. 31th
Check out the video section, you will find a new POV of Rock Express, a ride in Redwood Lake Amusement Park.

Laitch's gift shop items
Aug. 30th
A new CS set is released. Check out the download section for a link to "Laitch's gift shop items"

New video
Aug. 18th
I have uploaded a new video. It's a POV of the ride "Woodpecker" in my Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 park "Redwood Lake Amusement Park", tjeck it out in the video section.

Webpage finished
Aug. 16th
Im happy to annonce that the webpage is now completly done.

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