What is SCDD
Simple context diagram drawer is a program that let you draw context diagrams very easy!

What is a Context Diagram?

A Context Diagram is a visual illustration of a System (usually a software based system).
It is used in the early stages of a project, to get agreement on what in- and out-put data there should be in the system.

Rules about Context Diagrams
There are 3 items in a context diagram; the box, the arrow and the circle.
The circle represents the process, or the system. There can ONLY be one system in every Context Diagram.
box represents external entity. It’s usually a person that interacts
with the system, and therefore sends and receives data from the system.
arrow represents the dataflow. The arrow is drawn between the system
(the circle) and the external entities (the boxes), and is marked with
a label telling what data it is. Note, that a dataflow can NOT go from
one external entity to another, since that would be passing data
without using the system, and therefore not relevant for the system!

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