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Vector Maze – BETA

Games Posted on 2008-06-27 21:07:39

here it is! Vector maze (beta version)…

Vector maze is a turn based maze game based on the paper-n-pencil game “Vector Race” (aka Racetrack) (Read more here)

Currently done:
– movement system
– score system
– 4 levels
– menu
– moving walls (to make the game harder)

Currently working on:
– life system
– Online highscore
– Load/save system

Other things that I want to do:
– multiplayer/classic Vector race (on singel computer)
– Online multiplayer? (I done an online game before, so this would be a lot of work!)

Know bugs:
-currently none

Here is some screenshots:

And finaly: THE LINK TO THE GAME (download only)
Update: THE LINK TO THE GAME version 0.2 (Download only)


Games Posted on 2008-04-29 20:22:46

I made this game, more then 2 years ago. So like the icecube game, I lost the source file.

I really don’t fell like I finished the game, there is a lot of misspelling, and a few bugs that I would like to get rid of, but thats to late now smiley

anyways, here is a screenshot:

Blog ImagePlay online or download here.

Ice Cube

Games Posted on 2008-04-21 20:17:37

Awhile ago I made this game called Ice Cube… unfortunately my hard disc broke and I lost the source file for the game.
Luckily I uploaded a beta version of the game few days before I lost the source file.

Here’s a trailer of the game

Here is a screenshots:

You can play it online or download it here

do remember that this is a beta version… and PLEASE… do remember
that I lost the source file and I can therefore not release a final